J&K currently runs a nationally recognized DSD (Direct Store Delivery) program which services convenience stores throughout the West Coast. It represents over 500 SKUS in multiple categories with a primary focus in the tobacco, beef jerky, salty snacks, better for you snacks, candy and beverage. With an unprecedented understanding of c-store store goals, J&K plays category captain alongside category mangers to seek out and bring in new product lines.

The DSD programs ensures that stores are visited by a J&K customer service representative every 1-2 weeks to rotate and restock product as well as place new orders based on an accurate understanding of current in-store stock levels.

The DSD program also operates a highly successful telemarketing support system which reaches out to stores on a weekly basis to process new orders. This system has a track record of increasing sales exponentially. Orders are shipped next day via courier out of our warehouses in California, Washington and Arizona.

Why use a DSD service?

Put simply, to maximize profits. According to a new study from IHL group, commissioned by OrderDynamics, overstocks and out-of-stocks cost retailers $1.1 trillion globally in lost revenue. Customers cannot buy products when stores are out of stock. Our team will identify patterns of out-of-stock merchandise and develop a precise distribution program to ensure stores have the stock on hand to increase sales on a consistent basis. We manage all products, write and deliver all orders as well as rotate and stock all items. Our team also ensures that all products are placed accurately and to planogram specifications.

Huntington Beach, CA