In retail services today, high profile manufacturers are looking to third party services more than ever before. Aside from the work J&K Distributors does with convenience stores on the west coast, we also partner with manufactures as part of our nationwide Field Partner Services Program. Today’s industry is full of costly overheads and field representatives who are spread thin amongst a large number of store locations in different territories. Manufacturers ‘street teams’ are often sales representatives whose sole job is to represent their company on sales calls and in-store compliance audits. When it comes a time where they need to introduce a new item or they need to bring in a new display, many manufacturers look to 3rd party reset teams to execute projects outside their normal scope of work.

With a deep understanding of the costs and issues companies are challenged with when having a full-time labor force, we have spent years developing and perfecting our program. A program companies can reach out to whether their need is ongoing or occasional. We have extensive experience partnering to accommodate the need of projects; merchandising, resets, demos, audits, cutting in new items, gondola change-ups and floor plan changes.

Where J&K strives and other reset teams fall short is execution. Failure to employ full time in-house teams and only working on a project-to-project basis leaves many companies contracting individuals who they don’t know, sometimes resulting in poor representation and poor performance. Manufacturers and companies are not only left frustrated but often have to cycle through multiple companies until finding success in a company that they trust.

What makes us a successful reset group?

Our flawless execution from the start to the end of a project. When J&K partners with a manufacturer on a store reset, or to build a display we don’t just show up to complete the project, we envision ourselves as a member of that company. We not only guarantee that all work is done to project specifications but that the store managers and staff understand the scope of work completed and are pleased with the results.

The key factors that make us a winning team is communication, proper planning of the execution plan, being timely on completion of the project and making everyone staffed at the location understand the new changes. Anyone can read a planogram, it is the understanding of categories, contracts, planograms and shared spaced allocation that is key. The more that a team understands these fundamentals, the better equipped they are to think outside the box and tackle any problems or issues when they arise.

In an effort to add even more value to our services, we now offer real time reporting. Through our username and password protected portal, clients can now access project updates in real time, 24/7. Each project manager will input photos of the project as it progresses and give important updates regarding the execution of the project.

Why J&K?

Beyond the fact that we understand the buyer’s category, beyond the fact that we understand the contracts in place with shared space allocation, our team has years of field and reset experience. We are informative, have great customer service skills and represent the client well with our appearance, level of knowledge and our efficiency in getting the job done. All projects are completed in a professional manner with flawless execution, guaranteed.

Huntington Beach, CA