Compliance Audits

In today’s industry, companies spend millions on promotional programs and pricing strategies to increase sales. However, these programs can fall short if those programs and strategies are not correctly executed in the field. In order for companies to protect their investment, they often issue in-store compliance audits.

Companies require compliance audits to ensure policies and procedures within your organization are being met at all times. Whether your company has a need on a continuity basis, month after month or whether your needs are periodically, to do a blitz, our professional experienced staff of auditors has audited all environments with precision.

We also monitor problems in operation due to staff behavior. Our audits ensure that sales associates comply with brand standards including product upsells, as well as monitor how well staff executes on training such as greeting and engaging your customers from the moment they walk into a store until they leave with their purchases.

Monitoring out of stock patterns can also be performed as part of our auditing service. Customers can’t buy products that are out of stock. Out of stock audits, report what’s missing in stores to help establish more accurate distribution programs.

In the study from IHL Group, overstocks and out-of-stocks losses which equate to $1.1 trillion annually were blamed on the following reasons; bad processes ($284.9 billion in losses) including inadequate refrigeration, improper training and disconnects between departments; people problems ($259.1 billion) including employee laziness, lack of training, fraud and improper discounting; data disconnect ($222.7 billion) due to retailers tracking but not sharing inventory information across systems; supplier issues ($158.5 billion) including too much product from suppliers and bad deliveries; and theft ($161.6 billion), globally, employee involvement is considerably higher than customer theft.

In an effort to design compliance audits that assess risk management and regulatory compliance effectiveness, we become your eyes and ears in the field. Here at J&K Distributors we take compliance audits very seriously, we understand that policies and procedures within an organization are put there for a reason and how important it is that those policies be adhered to. If you feel that our auditing services would be a good match for your needs, reach out to us. We will efficiently put your project together, execute it to your specifications and report back on a timely basis.